Hands free bungee dog leash

  • hands free pet leash
  • hands free pet leash

Hands free bungee dog leash


Hands free bungee dog leash

This product is made of nylon webbing. The traction part contains rubber elastic band, which is strong in tension, strong in bite resistance and easy to contract.

Zinc-alloy dog buckle, 360° rotary design, clean and clean appearance, prevent the dog rope from winding. 3 rows of backlight double handle design, not only beautiful and generous, also can better protect your love pet at night.

Lucky Pets : A professional pet products factory
Service: Experienced professional and technical services,professional sales staff
Solid knowledge : More than 6 years experience
Quality assurance & Quality control
Reliability : View ourselves in partnership with clients
Choice : Manufacturing webbing,rope, pet collar,leash,harness, specialized in OEM
Speed : Prompt reaction to customer needs
Confidence : Professional service, attention to detail

Quality : Strong QC and international standards. Providing customers with quality assurance before shipping
Depth : The most reliable factories
Competitive : Good service ,In-depth knowledge of market prices
Style : In-house design team
Efficiency: Guarantee for worry-free deliveries
Capacity: Dog collar,leash,harness 800,000pcs per year,webbing:300tons

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