Lucky Pets donated a number of dog beds to the shelter for stray dogs

On July 6, 2019, employees of LUCKY PETS business department organized a group event to donate some pet beds to a shelter for stray dogs.

dog beds

beds for dogs

Because the pet rescue station in Dongguan no longer exists, it is a private pet rescue station. A total of 22 stray dogs have been adopted by pet owners.

The rescue station is a private building where the owner keeps stray dogs on the second floor and roof.

There are legendary pit bulls, disabled akita dogs, a fierce-looking German shepherd, and a messy, tall, blind dog whose owner tells us not to touch. There were a few short-legged dogs, and many others I could not name.

Pit bulls lucky pets

They look dirty and messy. The pet owner picked them up outside.

German shepherd

The dog was pregnant when it was picked up.

stray dogs

Lucky stray dog, met a very caring person, thank the lovely people.

Lucky Pets

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